Chatting to Linda Thompson about Undercover: Crime Shorts, Forensics, Inspiration, and more…

Short on time but fancy a good yarn to enjoy?

Short stories for those who love crime with a twist.

Join me on The Authors Show Channel 4, where you can listen to my podcast interview

About my crime collection


My host Linda Thompson asks great questions and gets to the heart of her interviewee – me!

When did I begin writing, and why? Where do I get my inspiration? What is my background and how did that help my writing?

Why did I study Forensic Science and Criminal Justice and how? Why did I study basic Archaeology?

We chat about lots more and have a good laugh and I read a chapter from one of the short stories in my collection.

If you miss it, no worries – it is on a 24/7 loop. Just go to the webpage, channel 4, and scroll to my name and Undercover: Crime Shorts.

The Authors Show is a global podcast network for authors to share their work and experiences and for readers to discover books and authors from around the world in all genres.

Undercover: Crime Shorts is available from most digital platforms for Kindle and Phone as well as Kindle for PC.

And you can order a paperback copy from them as well.

You can also order a copy in paperback from Waterstones and similar book stores.

I’ve been so lucky to receive some fab reviews on Good Reads and Amazon etc.


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