Only One Woman: the Ultimate St. Valentine’s Day Read

Secrets, lies, evasion, and snatched moments of happiness.

One guitarist, two girls, and an epic love triangle.

Who will receive a St. Valentine’s Day card?


Who will anxiously wait for a letter or a card, checking with the Post Sergeant daily?

Whose photo watches over stolen moments?


Who feels so guilty they are tempted to give up and walk away?

What is it about the late 1960s?

Is it the fab music, wild fashions, and free love that make it such a special era?

The radio stations and television shows aimed at youth for the first time made household names of DJs, Presenters, and even Dancers.

Radio Caroline Pirate Radio: take a look.

Radio London Pirate Radio: listen to the old jingles.

Top of the Pops, Ready, Steady Go! 65 Special, Juke Box Jury, and more, including The Monkees.

Top of the Pops: watch February 1968 here:

You can enjoy the songs featured in Only One Woman here:

Renza has her own playlist:

Stella has her own playlist:

Listen to The Authors Show on Channel 6 to discover more about Only One Woman and the grooviest decade of the 20th century.

Podcast on on 24/7 loop in archives

Available around the world – go to Amazon Author Pages for Jane Risdon in UK/USA/Canada/Japan/India/Brazil/France/Germany/Spain/Italy/Australia

Available in stores – order your copies from Waterstones and other good book stores.

Universal links to Only One Woman:


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