Blog Birthday: My blog is 10 years old this week.

My thanks and gratitude to everyone who has visited, read and contributed to my blog over the last 10 years. It has been a privilege knowing you here.

I started this blog 10 years ago and I can honestly say I didn’t have clue what I was doing. I just thought it might be something with which to occupy myself when not writing stories or going on walks or ‘jollies.’

To begin, I thought I’d just ramble on about stuff of interest to me and post a few photos I’d taken. I hadn’t really thought about who I was aiming at.

At the time I was just beginning my writing journey. I never dreamed I’d ever be published or that someone would have enough faith in me to want to represent me as my agent. Cripes! It never crossed my mind.

I’ve wanted to write since I was old enough to hold a pencil, but life got in the way.

And yet during my ten years on here so much has happened to me; I could never ever have imagined what was in store for me. By either a direct or an indirect route, I’ve met so many lovely folk as a result.

I want to acknowledge some of you who have helped me, advised me, and had faith in me.

My thanks to Headline Accent for publishing my writing, including, my co-written novel, Only One Woman, with Christina Jones. Also, Wishing on a Star, and Shiver…

Only One Woman
Wishing on a Star
Jane Risdon

And Plaisted Publishing for publishing my collection of Crime Shorts, Undercover: Crime Shorts.

Undercover: Crime Shorts

I’ve also contributed to 5 Ghostly Writes Anthologies with Plaisted Publishing.

Ghostly Writes

And to Langtons International Literary Agency for your belief in me.

Signing with my agent

What an amazing journey it has been – and still is. I’ve ‘met’ so many lovely people through my blog. Complete strangers who now accompany me daily/weekly either here, or on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram – we all seem to inhabit the same haunts.

Delightful characters who have their own blogs with amazing stories, photos, and experiences in which I share. Supportive people who make every day a joy. Our chats, shares, and visits by

Guest Authors on my blog, have made it such a rewarding experience.

Go to my archives and you will find guest interviews there.

One of my most interesting interview guests was David Videcette, a former counter-terrorism officer who is now an author. In addition to his crime fiction, he has also recently written a book about his investigation into the missing estate agent, Suzi Lamplough, called Finding Suzy. A fascinating read.

David Videcette

Finding Suzi:

I’ve enjoyed guesting on blogs of other authors too. I find the world of authors and blogging to be one of support and friendship and I am so grateful to have found myself amongst such creative and positive people.

I want to thank them all and especially Sally Cronin and Debby Giles for their support and generosity – bloggers who support their fellow authors continuously. I appreciate them both. They are both authors in their own right, so do look for their books too.

Sally Cronin:

Debby Giles:

And my thanks also, to the many other authors and bloggers too numerous to list, from whom I have received the most amazing support. Thanks to you all.

I’ve had some wonderful trips out to grand houses and gardens, historical palaces and castles, as well as to some of our English villages. I call these my ‘jollies,’ and I’ve been to some amazing cathedrals and churches along the way and I’ve blogged about some of them on here from time to time. I like to take a rest from writing about my writing!!

Go to my archives and you will find many of my ‘jollies,’ there.

Hardwick Hall and Bess of Hardwick for example…

Without my blog, I would never have been asked to contribute to some fabulous anthologies; many in aid of Charity.

I am proud to have met Margot Kinberg who has been a wonderful supporter – and not just of me – over the years, and who is an inspirational author and blogger in her own right. Take a look at her books:

She invited me in 2013 to contribute two stories in a crime anthology, In A Word: Murder, in memory of her longtime friend, editor, blogger, and crime author, Maxine Clarke who sadly passed away. Funds raised were on behalf of The Princess Alice Hospice and the book is still raising funds, so take a look.

In A Word Murder

Thank you Margot for being such a wonderful friend and support.

Two of my first published stories were in an anthology in aid of Norfolk Hospice, called Telling Tales, in 2012. Sadly the book is no longer in print, but if you want to support the hospice, here is the link:

I was also invited to contribute to an anthology, I Am Woman (vol 1) with funds going towards three charities: Women’s Aid, Breakthrough, and Women for Women. The book is still available.

Also an anthology in aid of Help4Heroes (When Stars will Shine)


For Veterans charities, (Victory 75), as well as The Children’s Charity, (Madame Movara’s Tales of Terror), and The Ben Kinsella Knife Crime Campaign, (Christmas Capers), for example.

Caroline Munro with Madame Movara’s Tales of Terror. The Children’s Charity

I’ve since gone on to contribute stories for 18 anthologies. Not only for charities.

Meeting people online has been fabulous and as a result, for several years now I’ve had a regular series in The Writers and Readers’ Magazine, called In the Mix about my life in the international music business. You can buy the magazine in print or for your Kindle via Amazon.


Thanks so much, Storm M Grayson for hosting my series.

Thanks to the bloggers, radio interviewers, and video interviewers for hosting me. You give a fab service.

I’m looking forward to another ten years in your company and once again


You can find buy links on my Amazon Author Page:

sending signed copies to readers


    • thanks, yes, I have had fun, but there were times when I didn’t have too much time to spend on it, I am sure you know what I mean. Congrats for April, quite a feat with more than one. I run another but I was supposed to have help and that fizzled in days. So I need to update that too. Have a great weekend. Take care. xx

      Liked by 1 person

    • Donna, thanks so much and it is good to have you here. It makes me feel ancient, 10 years! Flown past. But I have had a blast with so many new friends and experiences. Thanks so much xxx


    • Debbie, thanks so much. I could never have managed on my own, so many people – too numerous to mention – have been such an inspiration and support over the years. I am so lucky. Great to have you here. xxxx

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Jane, congratulations on your 10 years of blogging and all your wonderful writing success! You’ve given lovely shout-outs for some very special people – deservedly so! Wishing you all the best in the future!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Annika, thanks so much. Always wonderful seeing you here. I wish I could list everyone who has been supportive of me and other authors, but imagine how long that list would be. I hope you have a wonderful week and that you are keeping well. xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations on a decade of blogging? Your beginning sounds similar to mine. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I’ve met a wonderful community that I enjoy interacting with. I’m coming up on three years next month. I frankly can’t believe I’m still here, but I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t get enjoyment from it.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Pete, congrats son 3 years. Yes, we share the same start. I never thought I’d be here 10 years later and with so many regular friends and authors. It is a great and supportive community and I am so pleased I stuck with it. I hope you have a decade of fun too. Thanks so much xx

      Liked by 1 person

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