Multi-Award-Winning Author Janice Spina is my Guest Author…

Award-winning Author Janice Spina

I’m delighted to welcome author Janice Spina to my blog today. Janice kindly welcomed me as her guest Author earlier this year and it is a pleasure to return the favour.

It is always enjoyable to move away from Crime Fiction and all the sub-genres now and again and to entertain a guest author who writes in another genre.

Please welcome her and her books.

Janice is going to tell us about herself and her writing.

Thank you so much for welcoming me so warmly here today, Jane. I am thrilled to be here. I hope I am not too verbose. You know how authors can be.

I will begin by sharing a little about myself.

I have been writing for as long as I can remember. I would write poems for my mother for her birthday and Mother’s Day. She was so receptive to my efforts that I kept doing it.

I didn’t really begin writing stories until I was in my twenties and my children were young. Novels and short stories came much later in my thirties and so on. It was another thing to try to get published which I tried through numerous query letters to publishers, etc.

I have an Associate’s Degree in Science for Medical/Secretarial/Assistant. I worked as a Medical Secretary/Assistant before I went into the school system as a Program Assistant (teacher’s aide) then moved to a secretarial position. Once I retired from an administrative secretarial position in a school system in Massachusetts, I really began to get serious and increased my writing and published two children’s books in 2013. From then on there was no stopping me with 30 books at present and counting! I am a late bloomer being first published at 65 years young.

My books have received 37 book awards in total – Mom’s Choice Awards – Silver Medals (6), Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards (17), Readers’ Favorite Book Awards (5), Book Excellence Award (1), Authorsdb Cover Contest Silver Medal (1).

My hobbies:

I have many hobbies outside of writing – sewing, crocheting, needlepoint, plan on doing a difficult cross stitch soon, exercising on treadmill, elliptical, hula hooping, tap dancing and taking long walks and snapping photos for my blog.

To think that I thought I would be bored when I retired from working. Ha! I have never stopped doing something. In fact, I drive my husband crazy since I can’t sit still very long without doing some project even when I watch TV. I am bored with TV, that is why. Sigh!

Blogging and supporting my fellow authors:

Since I love to write I thoroughly enjoy blogging and sharing my thoughts with my readers. I also enjoy supporting my fellow authors in interviews on my blog at I would love to hear from any writers who want to be on my blog. Contact me on my Contact page there. It was fun having you there, Jane. I will welcome you again when you want to share another project.

My Books:

I presently have 37 books all published in different genres written under Janice Spina. I have posted the covers below. The children’s books are colorfully illustrated by my husband. He also created all the covers.

There are 18 children’s books written in rhyme with life lessons involving baby animals and do not have anything that is frightening to young children.

There are 13 books for MG/PT/YA that begin at age 10+. Two are series for boys and girls. The 13th book is the beginning of a new series for YA 13+ (The Legend of the Taken Ones (Gateskin Chronicles Book 1). Watch for Book 2 coming out in 2022.

There are five novels and a short story collection for 18+ (15 short stories) in multi-genres written under J.E. Spina. The novels are mysteries, suspense, thrillers, crime, romance, paranormal and clairvoyant genres. There is something for all reading tastes.

My Links to purchase my books:

Amazon: (Novels for 18+)


(Books for Children, MG/PT/YA)

Barnes & Noble:

Links for social media:





Book Trailers:

Trailer of Louey the Lazy Elephant:

Hunting Mariah Trailer:

How Far is Heaven Trailer:

Mariah’s Revenge Trailer:

In a Second Trailer:

Lubelia Alycea Trailer:

Children’s Books PS-Grade 3 in rhyme with life lessons: written under Janice Spina

MG/PT/YA Books for Ages 10-17 written under Janice Spina

Novels for 18+ written under J.E. Spina

Thank you so much for having me on your fabulous blog, Jane. I had fun sharing my books and a little bit about myself with you and your readers.

I would love to hear from readers and avidly welcome reviews of my books! Thank you! Happy reading!

Janice Spina aka J.E. Spina

Janice, it has been a pleasure. I hope I’ve helped you discover new readers and followers. Thanks so much, and do come back again. Jane xx


  1. Janice is such a dynamo. Wonderful to see her here being featured. Congrats to Janice on all her amazing accomplishments and for teaching and entertaining youngsters with so many wonderful books. ❤

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  2. Reblogged this on JEMSBOOKS and commented:
    Thank you so much, Jane, for featuring me on your fabulous blog. It was fun sharing a little bit about myself and my books with you and your readers. Thank you for your kind support!

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