Standing with Ukrainian Literature

Authors, Readers, please spare a few moments to read this post by Danielle Hampson, Executive Producer of The Authors Show, concerning Ukrainian authors. As you may be aware, I’ve been a guest author on this podcast for several years. It is a fabulous resource for authors and readers.

Current events are causing the people of Ukraine to have to either flee their land or hide underground to try and remain safe, during relentless attacks.  We all have seen the images on television and social media.  With that, Ukrainian industries are also immensely affected, some more than others, and with possibly some unable to return to full production when the war eventually ends. 

All industries are important, but our focus is on one that also carries huge cultural ramifications:  the Ukrainian book publishing industry, and Ukrainian literature.

Although Ukrainian literature goes back many centuries, it experienced its revival in the 16th century, followed in the 19th century by the rapid development of Ukrainian national consciousness under then Russian rule. In fact, the beautiful city of Kharkiv, recently heavily bombed by Russia’s military, became the center of romanticism around the mid-1800s. 

Ukraine is also rich in poetry, and one of its most famous 19th-century poets – Taras Shevchenko – satirized in his works the oppression of Ukraine by Russia.   Following the Russian Revolution of the early 20th century, many more Ukrainian writers came out, but Joseph Stalin eventually forced “Socialist Realism” as a required literary style.  He also imprisoned and killed Ukrainian writers and caused many to flee in exile. 

Once Stalin was gone, the literary style he had imposed was rejected by Ukrainian authors, but only for a short time due to the repressive measures that came about in the 1970s.

It is only with Ukraine’s new independent status, which was obtained in 1991, that a new generation of writers came about.  The country’s long history of Russian dominance and oppression took a serious toll on its literary industry and culture.

So, what can we do to prevent history from repeating itself?  What can we do to help preserve Ukrainian literature?

We are all human beings. We treasure and respect our own individual culture no matter what country we come from. We must help preserve Ukraine’s culture and identity! That is what our “Standing with Ukrainian Literature” initiative is all about.

Some are in a position to offer lots of support, some less, but support nevertheless. Every little thing helps!  But what do Ukrainian authors actually need?  

Ukrainian authors need to enable readers from around the world to find out about their work.  And to reach that audience, their books need to be translated into other languages.  So, what “The Authors Show®can do, is to give these books exposure, and through that exposure facilitate initial contact between authors and publishing industry professionals on all continents.

How do we do this?  With already 10 separate streaming channels in English and one in French (see, The Authors Show has now added one more English channel (channel 11), which is dedicated exclusively to interviews with Ukrainian authors. These interviews are conducted in English by Executive Producer Danielle Hampson, but the books must be written in Ukrainian. This initiative is open to all Ukrainian authors regardless of where they reside.

For those who hope to sell books on the Internet, the challenge can be daunting. It can be confusing difficult, time-consuming and expensive – even more so for Ukrainian authors. The Authors Show helps authors overcome these challenges by providing opportunities for greater visibility and creating professionally produced radio interviews that are broadcast and promoted worldwide. 

More information is available at  Ukrainian authors will want to start by visiting the Ukraine Literature page at There, visitors will find an FAQ page and a link to an interview request form.

We are just starting and have already interviewed several Ukrainian authors, something that is not always an easy task for them as their living conditions have drastically changed and can also be unsafe.  So, it will take some time to build content for this new channel and I invite you to check it often as we continue to add new interviews as quickly as we can.

Our ultimate goal is to bring these messages to readers and industry professionals on all continents, but we cannot do it alone. Please, help us spread the word to others about this initiative so that it begins to reach book fans around the world.  Would you not want your culture, your literature to be preserved?  Let’s do this, let’s help our fellow writers in   Ukraine.  It is the right thing to do.

Thank you. Danielle Hampson. Executive Producer, The Authors Show.

Danielle Hampson Executive Producer The Authors Show

About the Authors Show and Danielle Hampson:

Early 2005, when radio/TV stations “pooh-poohed” the Internet, Danielle Hampson had the vision to build a platform where authors would be given more than the time generally allocated to them by conventional media.  So, she developed, produced, and hosted her first Internet TV show where authors were interviewed for up to 15 minutes and broadcast online for up to a full week, non-stop 24/7.  In 2007 she added the online radio version of the show and within less than 72 hours she received over 700 interview requests from authors around the globe.

Known today as a podcast, “The Authors Show®” is much more than a show in the traditional sense of the word.  It broadcasts its interviews on multiple “channels”, each featuring one individual author for a full 24hrs Monday- Thursday, and 3-day weekends.  Each featured broadcast also includes promotion on social media platforms to book fans and industry professionals worldwide, thus offering long-lasting valuable exposure benefits to authors and their work. 

Now in 2022, over 6000 authors have been processed in the 16+ years of the show’s existence, and a French version of the program was recently created.


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