Benny the Fence handed the Money over for the Diamonds…

Benny the Fence handed over the money for the diamonds, no questions asked. He didn’t know her name, didn’t want to. The sulky blonde had been using him for years and so far things had worked just fine. They spoke little. She always wore huge dark glasses and a navy overcoat with the collar turned up over her face covering her features. In moments she was gone. Picking her out in a line-up would’ve been impossible. He had protection so she wasn’t a threat to him. She knew it too.

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To read more about Benny and the young lady mentioned, please read Undercover: Crime Shorts – my collection of short crime stories available in paperback (Waterstones) and on most digital platforms in paperback and eBook.

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Undercover: Crime Shorts

is being used by 2nd-year students at

Western Kentucky University, KT, USA,

in their class

Introduction to Literature

since October 2021.

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Undercover: Crime Shorts and me

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    • Many thanks for visiting and your kind comment. I try to lay hooks about a story – as we all do. Yes, the University took the book last year and continues to use it for their students. I am really humbled and honoured by this. I was approached. So that is more special for me. Have a fab weekend. Jane xx

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