Roberta Writes – Book review: Dead of Winter Journeys 10 & 11 by Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene

Check this out. A fascinating review of Dead of Winter Journeys by Teagan Riordain from Roberta Writes. I love murder mysteries.

I am really enjoying Dead of Winter, a fascinating novel by Teagan Riordain Geneviene, told as a series of journeys. Thirteen journeys are currently available with the final one due for publication soon.

You can find Teagan Geneviene here:

Amazon Author Page:

Journey 10: Pergesca

What Amazon says

Dead of Winter: Journey 10, Pergesca” resumes outside the Lost Library, where Hallgeir was faced with a decision that could impact the entire world.

Lucetius is gravely wounded when he attempts to deliver a message. Emlyn, Zasha, and Osabide are again separated from all their friends. The Three must continue their journey without assistance or protection from the other travelers. They must reach the faraway city of Pergesca. That is also the seat of power of the ancient Society of Deae Matres. Will the companions eventually be reunited?


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