Undercover: Crime Shorts

Undercover: Crime Shorts continues to be used by 2nd Year students at Western Kentucky University, KT, USA, for a fourth semester (Summer 2022) in their Introduction to Literature classes.

Paperback. Photo Jane Risdon

Undercover: Crime Shorts is once again featured – 14th September 2022 – on the global author podcast, The Authors Show, where I chat to my fab host, Linda Thompson, about writing my collection of short stories, and the inspiration for them.

We discuss my career, starting with time with the (British) Ministry of Defence in Germany, to my time at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and various other positions within the Civil Service.

Curtis Green building was once home to Old Scotland Yard (c) Adrian Brooks of The Times. This building was later where my FCO office was, later it reverted back to Scotland Yard and is now known as New Scotland Yard.
Undercover: Crime Shorts. Photo Jane Risdon

Linda then chats with me about my life after the Civil Service when I worked with my musician husband in the International Music Business, managing recording artists, singers, songwriters, composers, and record producers, and facilitating the placement of music onto TV and Movie soundtracks.

Working in such diverse careers, prior to becoming a full-time author, has given me a great pool of material to call upon in my writing.

Photo: unknown

Living in a small village on the Ruhr in West Germany working with the Min. of Defence based in an Army Base – known as a Base Workshop – that celebrated its 25th Anniversary whilst I was there in 1969. The Base employed most of the local population within the Workshops, and I worked there with both military, Min. of Defence personnel, and local Germans, processing the documentation for the endless vehicles which were repaired and reconditioned there.

My offices in this building in Germany, BAOR/MoD. Photo Unknown

I gained so much knowledge about the workings of the Chieftan, Sherman, and Centurion tanks, Saracen Scout cars, the huge Scammell and Thornycroft Antar lorries, and similar vehicles. I also got to know about the big guns our Armed Forces used, such as 81mm guns. So exciting for a young woman!

Thornycroft Antar Photo Unknown.
Phone and Kindle. Photo Jane Risdon

Later working internationally in the entertainment business, around the world, and especially in America, I was fascinated by the movers and shakers within the music, movie, and television industries, and discovered the history of the business and how it worked firsthand.

Back in the day - Recording Studio with SSL Desk (c) Jane Risdon 1991
Studio with SSL Desk (c) Jane Risdon 1991

We discuss how all these experiences garnered from a young age right through to the time I took up writing, have inspired me and given me fantastic material for my crime stories, and multi-genre writings, and sometimes it is those little instances, over-heard conversations, or repeated by others, that have provided me with a wealth of material and should keep me going for ages.

Join me today, on the global author podcast, The Authors Show, and listen as I read a chapter from my collection. Please join in with my host, Linda, and me, as we natter and laugh about writing and what inspires me and others to write.


I’ve written over 100 short stories, some published, others not yet, and Undercover: Crime Shorts is just a small sample of my work in this genre.

I’ve also written many short stories in other genres as well as novels.

Sister Readsalot

5.0 out of 5 stars Lively and oh so surprising!Reviewed in Canada

Verified Purchase

This golden little collection of short crime stories is a page-turner all the way. I planned to read it story by story and wound up reading the entire collection in two sittings. The twists and turns are quite unexpected and the characters are as colorful as the plots. With lively pacing, humor and justice served nicely in “The Look,” this was a very satisfying read. Looking forward to more from this author. And yes, I did buy this book.

Books and Memorabilia. Photo Jane Risdon

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