The Reality of Forensics: 6 Myths Debunked

Another fab article from Jennifer Chase, do take a peep. I loved it.

Author Jennifer Chase

Pop culture has a fascination with the world of forensic science. Whether it’s a television show, movie or novel. The public’s thirst for crime drama is unquenchable. And that’s because, crime has an inherent conflict on multiple levels, which equals great drama!

The problem is, much of what is portrayed on the screen is not accurate.

So, in honor of the women and men who dedicate their lives to forensics—here are 6 myths exposed.

#1 Crime Scenes

Myth: A single forensics investigator collects and analyzes all the evidence from a crime scene.

Reality: Crime scene investigations are conducted by a team of forensic experts. Each investigator is well-versed in their particular discipline, and that’s what they focus on. It could be DNA analysis, ballistics, fingerprints or some other specialization.

So, in short—the proper processing of a crime scene requires several forensic experts. Both from a collection and analysis…

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