Thanks for your Kind Messages of Condolence.

I’ve not been around for some time due to the death of my mother in December following a short illness.

My time has been spent dealing with all that goes with the death of a parent who has reached the grand age of 92.

The Mater. Photo (c) Jane Risdon

I’d like to thank all of you who have sent me and my family such kind messages of condolence. Also, thank you to those who follow me here and have stuck with me during this time. I’ve not been able to do much on social media and so it is lovely to see so many of you leaving me messages every day.

Hopefully, from February, normal service will be resumed.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to each and every one of you.

Thanks for being here.

Jane x


  1. My mom lived to be 92 as well. We are fortunate to have had our mothers with us for a good amount of time. We will of course always miss them. My thoughts are with you as you deal with this loss. xo

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  2. I was so sorry to hear of your mum’s passing. If it’s any consolation, while it won’t get better, it will get easier to deal with. One day at a time – that’s what worked for me.

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