When Thoughts Turn Murderous…

Have you ever found yourself in the midst of a situation – an event – that is too dreadful to bear, when the characters you’re involved with are such annoying, anger-provoking, and distressing individuals you find yourself thinking about ways in which to dispose of them, to rid yourself of their unwanted company? When your imagination leads you to consider murder and the numerous methods of despatch as a way of saving yourself…have you ever entertained such thoughts?

Artwork: Pixabay Gordon Johnson

Imagine you were in such a situation, finding your mind turning to the ultimate solution, when your emotions become so overwhelming you find yourself in a dark frame of mind, and escape from the mental turmoil seems impossible – unless…

How does the thought first begin to form in your mind? Are you shocked that you could consider such a final solution?

As your imagination wanders are you considering various methods available to you? A method that is simple and easy to execute would be preferable.

Photo: Pixabay

What about location? Choosing the perfect place and time to carry out the deed is vital. Where would your murder take place, and when?

Photo: Jane Risdon 2023

Is there an escape route?

Photo: Jane Risdon 2003

Would you be able to think clearly about covering your tracks? What about an alibi?

It’s a giant leap from that initial thought and envisaging the act of murder to committing the deed. Most of us never harbour such thoughts, or at least we never utter them aloud preferring to put them aside – reason takes over and the moment passes. There’s such a lot to think about and plan.

You can always bury the thought, read a book, or go for a walk until the urge passes… just try not to look for suitable dump sites whilst you wander. You’ve decided against bumping your loathed and hated victim off don’t forget! You have!

Thankfully, few carry out their intention to harm another human being, and having played with the idea for the briefest of moments, rational thought returns.

But, what if you seriously entertain murderous desires; what then?

For those caught up in emotions of hatred, fear, or self-preservation, matters can take another turn; they decide to carry out their dastardly plan. Seriously, it’s going to be a lot of bother, stress, and worry. Think again…

It’s going to be expensive too. There is the method of despatch to think about; perhaps a gun or knife needs to be purchased or obtained, or some sort of poison. But you’ll leave a trail wherever you go.

You could make the death look like an accident of course, but whatever you decide it’s going to have a cost somewhere along the line. And what about escape? That’s going to entail an expenditure of some sort.

Photo: Pixabay

Are you sure this is what you want? Your plan had better be watertight, without any plot holes. You can run but you cannot hide!

Of course, I’m talking about we authors and our fictional characters, our motives, and plots for our murders… as if I’d consider bumping someone off! Come on, get real.

And, if it wasn’t for those like me, who write, carrying out our decision to extinguish another’s life, fictiously of course, there wouldn’t be any stories to enjoy, entertaining characters to wander across the pages of our manuscripts, or books to pick up at the local library, bookstore, and online, to read and escape into, thus creating an outlet for those hidden, violent feelings that can creep up on the best of us.

Perhaps these fictional tales satisfy the occasional murderous imaginings that inhabit our thoughts, albeit briefly when someone does something that fills you with such dark, gripping, murderous emotions, that you have to wonder; could you actually carry out a murder or is there a switch somewhere deep inside your brain that is thrown and cuts those urges dead in their tracks?

Thankfully, most of us will never have to find out. We can write about murder so that you can read about it and that means all is safe and well with our the world, and those who drive us nuts can live another day.

Disclaimer: I’m not harbouring such thoughts, and I’m far from plotting a real-life murder. Like most crime writers murder is always on my mind and eventually, those dark thoughts find their way onto the pages of a story. You can all breathe easier now.

Or can you?

If you’d like to know where some of my murderous thoughts and plots end up, do drop over and take a peep at Undercover: Crime Shorts. There’s a method and motive for each murder and a guaranteed twist at the end. Murder is never simple.

Various authors have contributed to In A Word: Murder

A collection of murders set in the world of book and music publishing

In A Word: Murder – Margot Kinberg, Jane Risdon, and others

Find out more about me and my writing: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Jane-Risdon/e/B00I3GJ2Y8


  1. Constantly in a state of planning murder. The joy being that when someone royally pisses me off I can write them into a story and watch their demise … with no jail time associated. 🙂 🙂 I think it’s all part of this crime writer life we live.

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  2. I did it in ‘Loving in Fear’ Jane, I tried to portray the turmoil that my protagonist went through with her first attempt and the remorse she felt when effects started taking place. The second attempt was a desperate action and, after dithering over the consequences, she lived in fear while in hiding….

    Liked by 1 person

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