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Following a career in the International Music Business, I’ve turned my attention to a life-long ambition – writing full-time.

Favourite Recording Studio

I signed with the traditional publisher Accent Press Ltd. in 2014. They were purchased by Hachette in 2019 and my publisher is now called Headline Accent.

In December 2020 I signed with Linda Langton of Langtons International Literary Agency NY, USA and she now represents me.

Signing with Langtons International Literary Agency

Undercover: Crime Shorts – my collection of short stories – is being used by 2nd-year students at Western Kentucky University, KT, USA, in their classes Introduction to Literature, since October 2021.

Since leaving my crazy life in the music business I now fill my days writing and concentrating on developing my own career instead of those of the recording artists, songwriters, and record producers, whose careers filled my every waking moment for decades.

I love reading and have done, ever since I was a child, always having my head in a book whenever I had a minute to myself.

My favourite authors were (and still are):

Enid Blyton, Robert Louis Stevenson, and other authors of adventure. When I got older I couldn’t get enough of Agatha Christie, Daphne Du Maurier, Raymond Chandler, John le Carré, and more. Actually, I read everything and anything to do with crime and espionage and still do.

My favourite authors are now, of course, more are varied:

I love Kathy Reichs – she got me interested in Forensic Science and because of her I managed to take and pass several Forensic Science and Criminal Justice Courses with reputed universities, online.

I also love Stella Rimington, former Director-General of MI5, and one of the main sources of inspiration for my series, Ms Birdsong Investigates.

Lavinia Birdsong is a former MI5 Intelligence Officer who is ‘voluntarily’ retired when an operation with MI6 goes belly-up – but you will have to wait for more about her…

The village of Ampney Parva

Other authors I love are Peter James, Michael Connolly, David Baldacci, Nelson DeMille, Karin Slaughter. They are all favourites – but I have many.

No surprise then that I write Crime/Thrillers mostly, although I have ventured into other genres from time to time if the story dictates, usually for the anthologies I often contribute towards.

Over the past 11 years, I have been published in numerous Anthologies, Online and print Newsletters, and Magazines, including Writing Magazine and Writers and Readers’ Magazine. I also write articles as well as Short Stories and Flash Fiction.

I am a regular Guest Author on global internet radio shows including The Authors Show, Chat and Spin Radio, and The Brian ‘the Hammer’ Jackson Radio Show.

I have my own section in the virtual literary festival, MYVLF.com – my video interview is in their Theatre, and Undercover: Crime Shorts was their Book of the Month in February 2020.

Book of the Month Feb 2020

I enjoy history, science, astronomy and I adore walking. Photography is a passion, as well as a host of other interests. When I’m not writing I can often be found out and about with my camera photographing places of interest, such as our beautiful English countryside, villages, churches, cathedrals, and our wonderful stately homes and gardens – which I often blog about and I call them my ‘jollies.’ 

Take a look around my website, you will find my Jollies usually in archives.

Cliveden House
Hardwick Hall home of Bess of Hardwick

I also host Guest Authors and interview them, so do look for my various guests, also in archives.

You will find more information about me and my writing here:

My Amazon Author Page is available in Germany, Italy, France, Japan and the USA as well as the UK – type my name in Amazon and you will find my author page.

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My latest books are:

Undercover: Crime Shorts (Plaisted Publishing House)

A collection of some of my many dozens of short stories under one cover for the first time.

Undercover: Crime Shorts and me


Kindle and Kindle for PC

Only One Woman (Headline/Accent Press)

Co-authored with life-long friend and award-winning, best-selling author Christina Jones.

Iconic Rock singer Graham Bonnet wrote our foreword to Only One Woman which is named for the song with which he had a hit in 1968 as part of The Marbles and which was written for him and his cousin, Trevor Gordon, by The Bee Gees.
Only One Woman for Kindle

For details of these and other books please visit my Amazon Author Page:


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I am busy writing the sequel to ONLY ONE WOMAN (title as yet undecided) which will take the story of Renza, Stella and Scott from 1969-1972 and beyond. Watch this space.

But that is not all, I have several novels underway including my crime/thriller series about a former MI5 Intelligence Officer


LAVINIA BIRDSONG is a former MI5 Officer whose career goes belly-up following a disastrous joint operation with MI6 and her partner/lover Michael Dante.

In her search for a missing woman she finds herself embroiled with Russian Mafia people traffickers and Ukrainian drug and gun runners.

Book One is called:

Ms. Birdsong Investigates Murder in Ampney Parva:

Book Two is called:

Ms. Birdsong Investigates: The Matryoshka Files

Book Three is called:

Ms. Birdsong Investigates: The Safe House

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If you are interested in my ‘jollies’ with details and photos of trips to places of interest around England and elsewhere, head to my blog section.

If you are interested in learning about other authors – mostly crime/thriller writers – but not all – their interviews and Guest Author posts are in my blog section also. Visit archived blogs.

Photography is a passion

Have a fabulous day.  Jane x

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Jane Risdon in MYVLF.com

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