Gone in the Blink of an Eye

Gone in the blink of an eye (c) Jane Risdon 2007

Bleeding canker and moth larvae are a lethal cocktail for English Horse Chestnut trees and apparently within 20 years we won’t have any left. Arriving in the UK from Macedonia (Northern Greece) in 2002 this tiny larvae (leaf miner caterpillar) burrows into the leaves of the Horse Chestnut causing them to prematurely brown and wither in July and August and, […]

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Discovering My New Area

Making hay (c) Jane Risdon 2012

Had a lovely long walk on Sunday – over two hours – in brilliant sunshine and loved it. Explored the local area – my first chance really since moving – and I didn’t need a brolly either! Took lots of photos so here are a few.  Hope you enjoy them.   There was a fabulous sky the other night:  Red […]

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On-going research into both Works in Progress is getting to be a very dusty affair.  Paper causes so much dust! It would be wonderful to have someone to do this but I guess I shall have to wait until I am a successful writer.  Trouble is, all this searching through old documents, letters and photos takes so much time and […]

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Peter Robinson – a favourite author

I had an adventure on Thursday with a very old friend who is also a successful award-winning authoress.  We both love Peter Robinson and his books are much-loved by us both. Peter is on a book tour around the UK and he came to a town near us both so we met up and queued with everyone else  books in hand ready for his autograph. My friend’s books are known to him and he has mentioned them in three of his, so imagine how thrilled she was to meet him and how taken aback he was to meet her in person at last! I felt like I used to when an artist (singer/band) I managed would be (with me) sitting in a music store, albums heaped on the desk, pens ready, waiting for fans to come and buy a recording and get an autograph.  It can be very daunting and I felt for him as he sat there waiting for us to arrive and file past.  People never know what to say to you and I guess that is how the Queen must feel when confronted with all those people she’s introduced to and has to make polite conversation with. It is such a relief when someone turns up.  As you sit there waiting for the appointed time doubts set in and you wonder if anyone is going to come, and  you watch everyone passing by in the hope they […]

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Gaggle of Geese

Such a funny week.   Three times I spotted a gaggle of Canada geese under my window and near the bus stop,  but by the time I managed to get my camera, they had gone. I started thinking I was imagining them.  Yesterday I managed to spot them and get my camera and take some shots of them.  About 30 in […]

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