In the Mix: The Writers’ and Readers’ Magazine

In the Mix #27. Vol 3 issue 14.

In the Mix. You can catch up with my regular series about (some) of my life and times in the International Music Industry between the pages of the Print and Online Magazine, The Writers’ and Readers’ Magazine.

Originally I wrote In the Mix for Creative Frontiers online magazine but it folded after a while and I was invited to contribute my music series to another online publication, The Writers’ Newsletter. This proved so successful that after a while the newsletter turned into a magazine and it became available in Print via Magazine Heaven, and for Kindle via Amazon -now it is also in Print.

During the pandemic (Covid-19) lockdown, it was decided to issue the magazine every two months. It is thicker as a result and very popular with readers as well as authors, poets, and article writers.

In the Mix is my regular feature where I write about all manner of things which I’ve experienced over the many years I managed – with my musician husband – international recording artists, singers, songwriters, record producers, and when we also facilitated the placement of music on to the soundtracks of TV programmes (series) and Movies.

Of course, names and some events have been disguised – I am not keen on horses heads in beds or concrete boots, but I manage to write about situations and experiences in spite of this

I’ve had a blast writing my articles and tripping down memory lane and I am told our readers enjoy the series as well. Do let me know or let Storm Grayson – the editor – know what you think.

The Writers’ and Readers’ Magazine has something for everyone, readers and writers. Discover new authors and poets, read interesting articles, and enjoy the magazine anytime. For Kindle and in print.

Have you got the latest copy of the magazine? Over 140 pages of short stories, travel tales, poetry, author interviews, and more with no adverts.

Available from and or go to the links on the website for this and all other issues.

There is also a Junior edition of the magazine. If you have children who love to read and write, get them involved too.

Amazon Kindle and Print editions available.

First edition:

Here are the issues of the – adult – magazine to date.

Vol 3 Issue 17 In the Mix #30

If you like what you see please visit Magazine Heaven for print copies, or Amazon to order your copies in print or for Kindle.

Back copies are available of The Writers’ and Readers’ Magazine from Amazon.

Vol 3 issue16 In the Mix #29
Vol 3 issue 15 In the Mix #28

Volume 2 issues, 7, 8, 9,10, 11, 12, 13

In the Mix #20. In the Mix #21. In the Mix #22. #In the Mix #23. in the Mix #24. In the Mix #25. #In the Mix #26.

Vol 2 issue 6 in the Mix #19. Also, my short story included.

Back copies are still available of The Writers’ Magazine.

Volume 1, issues 1,2,3,4,5

Issue 1 – In the Mix #14. Issue 2 – In the Mix #15. Issue 3 – In the Mix #16. Issue 4 – In the Mix #17. Issue 5 – In the Mix #18 plus my short story.

Please leave a reply and comment - your input is really appreciated. Thanks, Jane

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