Jane Risdon in MYVLF.com Theatre

MYVLF is the free global virtual literary festival, connecting readers with authors. Their online event space gives readers access to the best of today’s literature and fiction from internationally-based traditional and independently published authors.

I’m really excited to be included in the MYVLF.com theatre where my video interview is available to watch.

And I discuss writing Only One Woman with Christina Jones and writing Undercover: Crime Shorts as well as the many short stories I have placed in numerous anthologies. There’s lots to discover about my future writing and plans too.


I talk about my early career in the Civil Service in London at the height of the Cold War and how this influenced my writing, as well as talking about my early life married to a musician, our subsequent career in the international music business and working in Hollywood… plus lots more.

FREE Book of the Month Feb 2020
FREE Book of the Month Feb 2020
Visit MYVLF.com and read Undercover: Crime Shorts FREE during Feb 2020

I’m thrilled to be included in MYVLF.com and to have Undercover: Crime Shorts chosen as their Readers Book of the Month and for it to be available FREE to read during February 2020.

Authors I really admire such as Peter James, Tess Gerritsen, Mark Billingham and many others are featured in the library and virtual festival where readers can read and chat with authors, as well as watch especially recorded interviews.

My introductory video

Undercover Crime Shorts is a selection of seven short stories by author, Jane Risdon.

Amazon Reader Reviews for Undercover Crime Shorts:

“Fast-paced, well written, page turner that had me so engrossed my train journey flew by. The author clearly has done a lot of research, these short stories all felt very authentic and each had me gripped and on the edge of my seat.”

“If you need a break from heavy reading. This is a delightful foray into murder.”

“If you enjoy reading crime but can only afford short bursts of time to read, this book is perfect for you. The stories are varied, snappy and gripping.”

Meanwhile, if you’d like to read Undercover: Crime Shorts free (during Feb) click on MYVLF.com and follow the directions. Let me know if you read it. Do please consider leaving me a review on Amazon as well. Thanks so much.

You can also purchase your own copy to keep in Paperback from Waterstones branches and in Paperback ISBN: 978-0-359-39783-9

eBook from Amazon and other digital platforms – Visit my Amazon author page for links: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Jane-Risdon/e/B00I3GJ2Y8

(c) Yin Johnson 2020


Only One Woman is available from Waterstones and also from Amazon and other digital platforms in paperback and eBook.


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