Ms. Birdsong: her credentials

Qualifications and Experience:

Here is what is in her personnel file:

CV for Lavinia Birdsong, Intelligence Officer, MI5

Real name: Lavinia Rebecca Snow Birdsong

Alias: Charlotte Guinness

Address: Egerton Garden Mews, Egerton Crescent, South Kensington, SW10

Education: St. Mary’s Convent, Ascot.Somerville College, Oxford University. B.A. English: B.A. HistoryLanguages (various courses privately funded)Russian, German, French, Spanish, Mandarin/Cantonese

Marital Status: Single.

Relationship with MI6 Intelligence Officer, Michael Dante 2011 until 2016 (see separate file)

Joined Service: 1995 – Applied direct

Physical Description: 5ft. 8ins. Honey blonde hair, blue eyes, slim build.Recent scar to the left leg from knee to ankle 2016.

Family (Parents – Deceased):Dominic Ladysmith Snow Birdsong: Retired Hedge Fund Manager.The Hon. Madeline Catherine Sophia Quinlan: Interior Designer.

Sibling(s) Younger brother: Snow Ladysmith Birdsong: Travel writer and photographer (see separate file).

Address: The Grange, The Ridges, Finchampstead, Berkshire RG40.

Courses: Induction course, Initial Training Courses, Firearms, Surveillance.Judo, Karate, Kick-boxing, Unarmed Combat (training privately funded).

Training/Postings: Trainee Desk Officer Moscow: 1995-1997Counter-espionage: 1997-2001Secondment to Metropolitan Police: 2001-2002Organised Crime – Agent Runner: 2002-2003Counter-terrorism – Agent Runner: 2003-2005Counter-espionage Desk Officer: 2005-2007Northern Ireland Desk Officer: 2007-2008Northern Ireland Section Leader/Agent Runner: 2008-2009Moscow Section Leader/Agent Runner: 2009-2011Middle Eastern Desk Leader/Agent Runner: 2011-2012Secondment to MI6: 2012-2016 – Operation MatryoshkaEmployment terminated – Retirement – 2016

Forwarding address: Cob Web Cottage, Ampney Parva, Vale of the White Horse, Oxfordshire SN7 (DG access only)

Recent Photo attached. (DG removed photo 2016- refer to him)

Thames House, home of MI5

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