Ms. Birdsong Investigates: Photo Gallery

Welcome to Lavinia’s photo gallery.

I’m sharing photos which mean a lot to her and which are linked to her and her story.

Gallery One

Thames House home of MI5 Photo: CNrB
MI6 – home of the British Secret Intelligence Service. Photo: Laurie Nevay 2013
Dame Stella Rimington – the first female Director General of MI5 Photo: Andrew Davidson
The British Parliament Photo by Pixabay on
Cobweb Cottage which Lavinia purchased after her ‘voluntary’ retirement from MI5
Lavinia’s garden looking out on to the downs and field. Photo (c) Jane Risdon 2016
The side view of Lavinia’s rear garden (c) Jane Risdon 2016
Operation Matryoshka – lead to Lavinia leaving her beloved MI5
The Berkshire Downs Lavinia knows very well having lived not too far away when growing up. When she had to leave MI5 she spent some time looking at properties in the area with a view to buying a new home. Photo (c) Jane Risdon 2018
Nothing restores Lavinia better than a strong cup of tea and a bag of liqourice unless there is alcohol on offer…Photo Jane Risdon 2021
The White Horse at Uffington in The Vale of the White Horse where Lavinia Birdsong decides to move after leaving her beloved London. Born and bred in the countryside not far from here, she prefers city life. She is beginning to adapt to birdsong instead of traffic noise – gradually. Photo Jane Risdon 2018
Molly belongs to Lavinia’s brother Snow and when he needs a dog-sitter Lavinia will have her for him. Molly is not too bright but loveable, even though she has a pedigree.
Lola is Snow’s other dog, snooty and aloof with an air of superiority, she is brighter than Molly but not as affectionate. She has a pedigree too and lets you know it. Lavinia dog-sits both dogs when she is able.
Often teased and bullied by Lola and Molly. Such a wise old cat Simba (c) Jane Risdon 2009

The Bear Hotel, Wantage, in Oxfordshire plays a role in the first Ms. Birdsong novel.
The Fox at Denchworth, Oxfordshire also has a place in the first Ms. Birdsong novel. Photo Jane Risdon 2019
The Downs near Ampney Parva. Photo Jane Risdon 2019
View of Dragon Hill from White Horse Hill Photo Jane Risdon 2019
Lavinia’s trusty camera – she used this long before mobile phones had cameras. Photo Jane Risdon 2019
The grounds of a big house belonging to a major character in Ms. Birdsong Investigates Murder in Ampney Parva: Operation Matryoshka. Photo Jane Risdon 2019
The White Horse at Uffington

I will be sharing more of her photos in time, keep an eye out for them.

All photos (c) Jane Risdon All Rights Reserved except if otherwise indicated.

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