Audio Stories

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Welcome to My Audio Stories

where you can hear some of my stories which have been recorded for me by Canadian Voice Over actors

The Voice Acting Power Squad

The most recent recording made for me is a two-part short story which is called:

The Secret of Willow Cottage and is read for me by Tawney Lehan.

Part One is called: The Secret of Willow Cottage and the Tale of the Reluctant Bride

I wrote this story as a piece of Flash Fiction a while ago and the reaction to it was so encouraging that when various readers asked me ‘what happened next?’

I felt compelled to write part two.

Part Two is called: The Secret of Willow Cottage and the Tale of the Jilted Lover

The first story I had recorded by Elijah Lucian and is called Changing the Guard – another piece of Flash Fiction.

I hope you enjoy. Let me know.


  1. Love these audio flash fiction stories .when you have a me time in the day to put your feet up make some tea and get lost in a story that leaves you wanting to know more .Thanks Jane

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    • Dennie, so glad you enjoyed them, thanks so much for listening. Not my usual genre (well, Changing the Guard is), but I loved swash bucklers as a kid. A little romance in there…really appreciate it. Now you may discover more of my stories…?


  2. Jane, I loved listening to these stories. I have not come across Audio Flash Fiction – I wonder is this the way to go, particularly for the iPhone generation – who knows?
    I read your ‘My Writing Day’ article in the Writing magazine.(Jan 2020). I also took up writing after a long career (seems to be a trend). I wanted a challenge to keep myself engaged with life, most men around my age have retired to the pub to drown their regrets.
    Your series Ms Birdsong Investigates – sounds interesting-I’ll watch out for its publication.
    i enjoy your reviews keep them coming.

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    • James good to have you here, thanks for dropping in and giving my audio Flash Fiction a go. I think people have such short attention spans now, short seems to be the watchword. I write novels too and longer stories but I had a year when I just wrote Flash Fiction and it really does hone your skills for short stories which I enjoy writing. I am glad you enjoyed the article, a word count and topic given to me so it was like a short story too. My 2nd time in the magazine. I was in there in August with m,y co-author of the novel Only One Woman, set in the 1968/69 UK music scene which me like to read too. Re the audio, I was lucky in that the VO studio actors wanted to have some stories for there CVs and I got them done at a special rate. The VO actors usually charge a lot so it is off-putting. I have about 50 pieces of FF which I’d love recorded but it is going to cost too much. I am glad you enjoyed the stories, the Willow Cottage stories were a new style for me, I write crime mainly but I am so thrilled you enjoyed them and Changing the Guard too. More my thing, all Mafia and crime. Oh yes don’t end up down the pub, be creative and enjoy your retirement. Ms B is ready to go, just got to wait for my publisher to start new projects – could be a long wait I fear. If you read anything by me let me know. Would value your opinion. Happy Christmas and thanks so much for nattering with me. Happy 2020 too. Jane xx

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  3. Jane, I loved them. I don’t usually like listening to books, I prefer reading, but these were just the right length to listen to.
    Very unlike other stories of yours, but I enjoyed them immensely.
    Tina xxx

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    • Thanks so much Tina, glad you liked them, yes these are flash fiction and therefore shorter than a normal length story. I do step outside Crime now and again. The 2nd part of Secret Cottage was written after so many people asked me to tell them what happened next, which is always nice to have. xx


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