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Oct 2021 onwards My crime collection, Undercover: Crime Shorts is being used by Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA, for 2nd-year students in their class: Introduction to Literature.

Nov 6th 2022 Feature: Turn the Tables on Voinks (Val Portelli) Blog.

Nov 1st 2022 Feature. Places in our Memories with Judith Barrow

May 25th 2022 Interview on A Slice of Cake on Claire Boss’ Blog.

March 25th 2022 Featured Author on Janet Spina’s Blog.

March 4th – 8th 2022 I shall be lead panelist for an online discussion of The Intersection of Literary Fiction and Women’s Literature at LITCON, an author’s conference based out of New York (USA).

Feb 22nd 2022 live interview with Samantha Brownley on UKCBC 7-8pm UK.

Feb 16th 2022 live interview chatting to Donna on Donna’s Interviews and Reviews on Facebook.

Feb 9th 2022 live Online video Interview on Buy the Author Facebook Group. 10pm UK

Feb 4th 2022 I have an article published on Esther Chilton’s Blog.

Feb 2022 Short story in Electric Press Magazine (Electric Eclectic).

Oct 2021 onwards My crime collection, Undercover: Crime Shorts is being used by Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA, for 2nd-year students in their class: Introduction to Literature.

Photo WKU

Oct. 2021. Meeting with my agent, Linda Langton, over from New York on a visit.

Dec 2020 signed a representation agreement with Langton’s International Literary Agency in New York USA.

Signing with Langtons International Literary Agency.

2019 My crime collection, Undercover: Crime Shorts published by Plaisted Publishing House Ltd. New Zealand.

Undercover: Crime Shorts and me

2018 Only One Woman (co-authored with Christina Jones) published by Headline Accent

Headline Accent Publications:

April 2014 signed with Accent Press (now Headline Accent, part of Hachette).

My co-authored novel with Christina Jones, Only One Woman, was published 2018.

With Christina Jones at a book signing for Only One Woman

My short story in Shiver anthology is called The Haunting of Anne Chambers was published 2014.

My short story in Wishing on a Star anthology is called Merry Christmas Everybody was published 2014.

Ghostly Write Anthologies:

Ghostly Writes 2016 and 2017

Plaisted Publishing House Ltd. New Zealand

2016-2018 my short stories were published in FIVE Ghostly Writes anthologies – some of which received awards.

Ghostly Writes Anthology 2018 – my story is The Gift

Ghostly Writes Valentine Anthology, Love from the Other Side 2018 – my story is Alexa

Ghostly Writes Anthology 2017 – my story is Cold as Ice

Ghostly Writes Valentine Anthology 2017 – my story is Eternal Lovers

Ghostly Writes Anthology 2016 – my story is The Beneficiaries of Secret Cottage

Other Anthologies:

Various Publishers

2020 My short story, We’ll Meet Again, appeared in Victory 75 anthology. Toad Publishing.

2019 My short story, Penance, appeared in When Stars Will Shine anthology. Creating Perfection Publishing.

2017 My short story, Apartment 206c, appeared in Midsummer Anthology. Jera232 Publishing.

2017 My short story, Cue Murder, appeared in Cons, Dames and G-men anthology. A Stab in the Dark Publishing.

2017 My short stories: The Watchers, and Murder by Christmas, appeared in Christmas Capers anthology. A Stab in the Dark Publishing.

2016 My short story, Haunting Melody, appeared in Madam Movara’s Tales of Terror anthology. Willow Creek Publishing.

2013 My short Story, The Look, appeared in I am Woman (vol 1) anthology. FCM Publishing.

2013 My short stories: Dreamer, and Hollywood Cover-up appeared in In A Word: Murder anthology. Margot Kinberg Publishing.

2012 My short stories: The Ghost in the Privy, and the Debt Collector were published in Telling Tales anthology. Moonworks Publishing.

Madame Movara’s Tales of Terror 2 paperback editions

Magazine Contributions:

You can find various articles, pieces of Flash Fiction, and short stories I’ve written in several online and print magazines.

2019 and 2020 Writing Magazine articles and feature.

From 2018 monthly to present: The Writers’ and Readers’ Magazine features my regular series, In the Mix. also short stories from time to time. My regular series is where I share my experiences and adventures in the International Music Industry.

The Writers’ and Readers’ Magazine

Electric Press (Electric Eclectic) online Magazine – various features, articles and short stories.


I appear regularly on Podcasts, Video interviews and Online Radio shows in the USA, UK with Global reach.

2021 Showboat TV Broadcast of my Flash Fiction Story, Payback, read by me.

2021 Donnas Interviews, Reviews and Giveaways – my life, writing, and books, featured in my live video interview via Zoom

2021 Be Bold and Break the Mould – live chat with me and two other authors and my cousin, Dennie Pasion, hair and Make-up artist to the stars.

2020 Be Bold and Break the Mould – in a live video interview about my writing and my life, via Skype with my host Ursula Williams

2020 March Live Video Interview with virtual literary festival and theatre about my life, writing and books, via Zoom.

2020 Feb. features Undercover: Crime Shorts as Book of the Month

2018 and 2020. The Brian Hammer Jackson Online Radio Show – features live interviews with me about my life, Only One Woman and Undercover: Crime Shorts.

2018 – ongoing. The Authors Show Global Podcast Network is where both my live interviews for Only One Woman and Undercover: Crime Shorts feature each month in Podcasts.

2018 – ongoing. I now appear as a Guest Author, on average every month, on Chat and Spin Radio – online internet radio – talking live about my writing and books.

Guest Author Blog Interviews and Features

I am regularly featured as Guest Author on various blogs and websites as well as Facebook Groups. See my Archives Section for links. I usually write a blog post or an article or answer questions set by my host.

I regularly feature Guest Authors on my Blog, either as part of their blog tour in support of a new book, or because they have an interesting story to tell about themselves. See Archives for links.

My office where I write. On screen a photo I took in 2019


  1. Hi Jane. I’ve seen you around some of the same blogs I’m on, and I remember leaving a comment on your blog the other day when you featured Sally Cronin’s story. I’m sure you have some amazing stories regarding your prior experiences in the music business. I’ve also done a 180-degree turn and am enjoying my time trying something new. I was snooping around looking for some way to contact you because I wanted to pick your brain a bit about your experience with querying and finding representation. Since I just started querying this week, that’s where my head is. Anyway, I take inspiration from other authors such as yourself who had a career in another field before diving headlong into writing. If you are comfortable sharing any of your experiences querying, I’d love to hear them. One of my favorite children’s authors (Kate DiCamillo) talks about receiving over 450 rejections before she found acceptance. Now, she’s one of the most prolific children’s writers around. Best of luck to you with all of your writing endeavors.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Peter, I shall be happy to answer any questions and share my ‘story’ with you. Visit my Facebook author page and leave a message for me – we can catch up via there. Please message me there and I will rsvp, probably at the weekend if that is OK…Jane x

      Liked by 1 person

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