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#Bookreview – Where Angels & Devils Tread by Joy Lennick and Jean Wilson

Originally posted on Robbie's inspiration:
What Amazon says The joint ages of friends Joy Lennick and Jean Wilson may add up to one hundred and seventy one years, but there’s nothing “old lace” about these two women writers; while the “arsenic” connection is questionable… Both adept at delving into the messy, murky world of murder, it is enlightening, and sometimes, a relief… to discover their added light, humorous touch. This makes for a diverse selection of highly entertaining short stories to tickle the fancy of readers of a variety of genres. Jean Wilson worked as a Queen’s Nurse in the 1950s, and soon earned the affectionate nickname ‘The Angel of Aldgate’ for her cheerful, hard work among the sick of the East End of London; and Joy Lennick wore a few hats before becoming an author in 1984; adding many writing projects to her long list, including five books. My review The charm of this collection of short stories written by Joy lennick and Jean Wilson, is that all of them are driven by interesting and authentic characters in a manner reminiscent of Agatha Christie’s novels. The superstitions, petty prejudices, and pleasures of these very English characters allow for thoroughly engaging stories with plenty of tongue-in-cheek British humour when circumstances and planned actions bring calamity down on their heads. I enjoyed the plots of the various stories but it is the style of the writing that made this a…

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‘We were just wondering,’ the blonde nurse said, ‘if you were in a rock group or something…’

There was a bit of a stir from the cubicles and two of the young nurses appeared and shimmied across.
'We reckon you were the group appearing with Doc Holliday and the Cards, in Dunstable,' the small nurse said, excitedly.
'Yeah, dead sexy you were and we tried to see you afterwards but the bouncers wouldn't let us near...' the darker haired one giggled.
'That was us,' Josh beamed. 'And I'm gutted that you couldn't meet us after the gig. We could have given you - um -our autographs.'
'We can still do autographs,' Zac grinned, 'in exchange for phone numbers.'

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Tim Walker: Author of Guardians at the Wall is my Guest Author

A group of archaeology students in northern England scrape at the soil near Hadrian’s Wall, once a barrier that divided Roman Britannia from wild Caledonian tribes. Twenty-year-old Noah makes an intriguing find, but hasn't anticipated becoming the object of desire in a developing love triangle in the isolated academic community at Vindolanda. He is living his best life, but must learn to prioritise in a race against time to solve an astounding ancient riddle, and an artefact theft, as he comes to realise his future career prospects depend on it.

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