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Thank you Messers Kodak

Photos and Memories (c) Jane Risdon

I really love photographs. I love looking at them and taking them and I reckon we have a lot to thank Kodak for.  Sadly, I understand that with the onset of the digital age there is little or no demand for film any longer, which is a great shame.  I am one of the culprits I must admit, taking digital […]

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Finding My Way Home

It may or not be obvious that I have just moved.  I am now living in an area I am totally unfamiliar with and hence getting around has been a bit of an adventure.  Having checked bus times and bus stops, I ventured into town to do some shopping – no problem, quite straight forward – and as it was bucketing down with rain, thankfully caught the next bus back. Making sure I caught the right bus I watched the passing houses and countryside with interest, keeping an eye out for anything familiar which would give me a clue as to where to get off.  I had been told the bus was on a loop to the town centre, so was not really concerned about getting lost.  However, thanks to a helpful young lad who had overheard my conversation with the driver, I was informed that my stop was next.  Negotiating the various pushchairs, trolleys and shopping bags, all dripping wet, I managed to get off the bus.  I put my brolly up, even though it was determined to turn inside out at every gust of wind.  Then I picked up my shopping and glanced around me….. Where on earth was I?  Nothing looked familiar, the road seemed too countrified and a bit isolated.  Nothing but trees and bushes and a few houses here and there, but nothing at all resembling my home or anything near my home.  I was […]

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Absent for a while

I am so sorry for not taking time to post of late.  It has been a hectic time with a house move and all that entails. I am going to try harder to post more often and to get my head around my writing which has gone by the way recently.  You do have to be in the right frame of mind I guess, and I have been distracted with the move and other things and found it hard to concentrate on anything, let alone writing. So, I will catch up again soon and really get this going properly. By for now and do come back…I will be posting some interesting things I am sure.

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Things Are Getting Exciting – Telling Tales Anthology

I am feeling so excited.  ‘Telling Tales’ by Writers for Welfare is in the process of being formatted ready for publication by Moonworks Publishing. The mock-up of the book looks wonderful; the layout is great and so is the cover.  My two contributions, ‘The Debt Collector’ and ‘The Ghost in the Privy’ are in the anthology along with all the other contributions by writers of short stories and poems. Our book is being sold in aid of The Norfolk Hospice and I do hope that once it is for sale people will purchase it.  Hospices are so short of money and do such a wonderful job of giving those at the end of their lives a dignified and peaceful end.  Their money is raised from donations and legacies and so we hope our book will go some way to adding to the upkeep of our chosen hospice. ‘Telling Tales’ is for many of the contributors their first experience of being published.  There are successfully published authors contributing as well….great value for money whichever way you look at it. Do keep an eye out for updates and links etc.  I will publish them as soon as we are up and running.

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I just want to thank my very first commentator on here, Yvonne Richardson.  She has taken time to comment  on my Blog in her busy day and I am most grateful. Thanks Yvonne, much appreciated and welcome, I hope you come back again soon.  Good luck with your new Author page and with your Short Stories which I have really enjoyed reading.  Yvonne is a member of the Writer’s Group I belong to called Writers for Welfare and we both have stories included in the Anthology due to be published soon in aid of The Norfolk Hospice.  More information about a bit later and nearer publication date.

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Busy times

Gosh what a week!  One thing after another has gone wrong with my computer and various email accounts, just when I am supposed to be working on my new Author Page – more information about this when I am ready for it to ‘go public’. Then I went to have a Skype conversation with the family and the mic packed up on me – or more to the point my mic via Skype.  So a trip to the computer man, Simon, and a lot of fiddling and it seems OK again. By the time I had done all this and a lot of other exhausting stuff including several bus journeys and more aggravation, I am now able to update this. The Anthology in which I have two short stories is about to be published by Moonworks Publishing and this is exciting.  Lots of messages flying around with progress reports from the wonderful Joe who has been working behind the scenes on the layout and arranging PR opportunities, and  from Kevin who, like me, is Admin for the group.  All getting very exciting. When things have moved on further I shall let you know. 

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