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The Next Big Thing 20th Nov 2012 – Here

I have been nominated by author Nicky Wells as The Next Big Thing and I shall be chatting here and answering questions about my Works in Progress and published Short Stories on 20th November.  Do come and see what I am asked and what I have to say.   You are always welcome to comment, post questions and exchange your views with me here any time.

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Remembrance Sunday walk

I am not sure what these are called, but they were delightful. (c) Jane Risdon 2012

I had a lovely walk on Sunday.  There had been a frost overnight which soon melted away when the sun decided to say hello.  There was a beautiful clear blue sky and by about 10am it had warmed up nicely, so I thought I would go for one of my wanders and take some photos. The trees are still turning […]

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I Am Being Followed I’m being followed, by followers.  How lovely.  It is wonderful to look at my blog and see that I am being followed by such nice people who could, let’s face it, be following someone else, somewhere else.  I am a follower too.  I admit it.  I follow other authors and artists and all sorts of people whose pages inspire and interest me, and so imagine what a thrill it is to find my blog (me) being followed too.  I follow people, people follow me, we are all followers – do you follow? OK just messing around here, but seriously it is amazing that people I don’t know have taken time and trouble to find me and make a connection to me and to the others here.  I do hope you will keep following me, it is such a thrill, and I shall continue to follow my chosen blogs too.  Helping each other build an awareness and a group with common interests is marvelous, especially when none of us has ever met or is likely to meet. Welcome to you all and welcome to those who I know have followed me from my author page on Facebook. I have made some really interesting friends there.  Authors I would never have connected with had it not been for Social Networking.  Friends I had lost touch with are suddenly back in my life – fabulous.  Groups with whom I share common interests […]

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Gone in the Blink of an Eye

Gone in the blink of an eye (c) Jane Risdon 2007

Bleeding canker and moth larvae are a lethal cocktail for English Horse Chestnut trees and apparently within 20 years we won’t have any left. Arriving in the UK from Macedonia (Northern Greece) in 2002 this tiny larvae (leaf miner caterpillar) burrows into the leaves of the Horse Chestnut causing them to prematurely brown and wither in July and August and, […]

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Discovering My New Area

Making hay (c) Jane Risdon 2012

Had a lovely long walk on Sunday – over two hours – in brilliant sunshine and loved it. Explored the local area – my first chance really since moving – and I didn’t need a brolly either! Took lots of photos so here are a few.  Hope you enjoy them.   There was a fabulous sky the other night:  Red […]

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On-going research into both Works in Progress is getting to be a very dusty affair.  Paper causes so much dust! It would be wonderful to have someone to do this but I guess I shall have to wait until I am a successful writer.  Trouble is, all this searching through old documents, letters and photos takes so much time and […]

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