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A wander in the Woods

a view across the fields (c) Jane Risdon 2012

 As soon as the mist cleared and the sun came out I decided to go for a long walk the other morning, through the woods and across the nearby heath which is also a Wild-life Reserve.  I am so lucky to live near plenty of places to walk; woods, heathland and also through the grounds of some of the most […]

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Witchery afoot in my Blog account!

Spent all morning trying to access this account and kept getting password rejections and then user rejections and yet nothing has changed as far as I know.  Totally confused by all these obstacles which prevent me from getting down to writing and updating things. Life is just one huge password/pin number hassle and then there are the secret questions and […]

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Whitney Houston RIP

  I had the best of intentions today, set up this blog – everyone has said I should have one – and then get some writing done. I need to revisit my Ms Birdsong Investigates story and do some edits and some rewriting.  Having been away and then ill for the best part of 2012 I really need to get […]

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Two years ago I had the opportunity of writing some short stories which (eventually) I want to compile into a book.  These stories are called ‘God’s Waiting Room’ and are based on various situations arising whilst waiting for the bus in a little village full of  wonderful characters.  The stories are mainly funny but some are touched with some sorrow. […]

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