Kedleston Hall: Part three of my ‘jolly’ there last year – inside All Saints Church with skulls under the floor. Revisiting my blog during lockdown.

As promised here are my photos of the inside of the church of All Saints,
the only survivor of medieval village at Kedleston which Sir Nathaniel Curzon demolished to make way for his new home.

He didn't want to disturb the burial-place of his ancestors so the church was saved.

One enters the church through its oldest surviving feature, the Norman south door.

Most of the late 13th century building is constructed from local Derbyshire sandstone, when the early English style was giving way to the more elaborate Decorated style. 

The Church is now in the care of the Churches Conservation Trust.

In about 1700 Sir Nathaniel Curzon, 2nd Bt. employed Smith of Warwick to classicise the east wall facing the house.

He put up a sundial inscribed

'Wee shall [soon died all]' next to a skull and crossbones.

The 4th Lord Scarsdale was rector there from 1855-1916, and in 1884-5 he commissioned John Oldrid Scott to undertake a major restoration, which entailed removal of the box pews and the two-decker pulpit.

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Paperback or Kindle: a must for your holiday reading – In A Word: Murder

A great holiday read.   If you are wondering what to read whilst enjoying the freedom of a Summer Holiday,  here is one solution: In A Word: Murder A Crime Anthology featuring stories by writers from across the world set in the world of Publishing: Book Publishing, Music Publishing, Blogging, Reviewing and Editing…. A world full of danger. The Agency by Award Winning Poet and Author, Pamela Griffiths Gives readers a look at a True Crime Magazine and what happens when its senior editor is killed…. The Story by Paula K Randall A Short Story Competition becomes a life-or-death issue…. The Million Seller by Margot Kinberg The stakes are high when an up-and-coming author with a lot of earning potential decides to make a major change in his career….  A Beach Report from Myrtle Clover by Elizabeth S. Craig A holiday at the beach proves to be less than relaxing when Myrtle Clover’s newspaper reporting instincts tell her there’s trouble at the quiet seaside resort she’s visiting…. La Lotte by Sarah Ward A modern-day crime turns out to have an interesting literary connection to the past. And someone feels that justice had not been done…. The Killing of Captain Hastings by Award Winning Author,  Martin Edwards Book Blog Reviews and a Literary Festival in the North of England come together in an unexpected way…. The In-Box by Margot Kinberg Shows just how dangerous the life of a Publisher can be.  And just how much you can learn […]

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11th December – I’m chatting to Nicky Wells about stuff!

Rock Romance Author and Blogger Nicky Wells will be chatting to me over on her blog ‘Romance That Rocks The World,’ on 11th December 2013 and we both invite you to pop over and take a look. The live link is: Nicky had me as her guest earlier on 1st May this year,  chatting on ‘Centre Stage,’  about my life and […]

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2nd Dec at 2.30am: I’m being Interviewed by Author/Blogger Maggie Thom

Author Maggie Thom is an avid blogger and supporter of authors and anything writing related. On 2nd December 2013 she is interviewing me over on her blog: The interview is called:  In A Word: Murder with Jane Risdon ‘An Author’s Journey Through Reading to Writing’ And This link goes live at 2.30am here:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                I do hope you will pop over to her blog and find out what she has asked me about my writing and my contribution to In A Word: Murder:  Hollywood Cover Up and Dreamer. Maggie hopes to interview some of the other contributors to this wonderful anthology which is in aid of The Princess Hospice, Esher, Surrey and is in memory of Author, Blogger and Editor Maxine Clarke who died there in 2012. You can find this wonderful anthology here: US Kindle: UK Kindle: The Princess Alice Hospice: ‘In A Word; Murder,’ is the brain-child of Mystery writer and Associate Professor, Margot Kinberg, who is a prolific blogger (Confessions of a Mystery writer)  and author of the Joel  Williams  series of mysteries. Maxine Clarke’s blog ‘Petrona,’ was influential and informative and is still available to view: and The book is available now at only £1.99 and features the following authors: Martin Edwards, Pamela Griffiths, Paula K Randall, Elizabeth S Craig, Sarah Ward, Margot Kinberg and me, Jane Risdon. The wonderful artwork is by Lesley Fletcher.……   […]

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