Birthday Bash Part Two: Thomas Becket, Eastbridge Hospital, and Pilgrimage

Part Two of my belated birthday bash as promised. As you may or may not be aware, in addition to my love of writing, reading, archaeology, astronomy, and the sciences, I have a passion for history which I share with my siblings, and one in particular, my youngest brother.  My youngest brother and his partner spoiled me rotten during a fantastic weekend spent with them celebrating my belated birthday. Part One of my birthday bash found me having a look around Canterbury Cathedral with a special treat; seeing the tomb of a family ancestor, William Warham, Archbishop of Canterbury (1503-1532). I wrote about our visit to Canterbury Cathedral last time, and I posted photos I took. We had a fab time wandering around Canterbury, especially the pubs which my brother made a point of taking me in to.  Those buildings with history and character attached to them, not just because we fancied a drink;  though we tasted the local ciders too; yummy! He is a font of knowledge when it comes to places of historical interest. He can tell you where famous people lived or worked, which pubs or restaurants they visited, where they wrote their books or painted, or made a discovery.   Going anywhere with him is especially fun.  He always manages to find places off the beaten track few know about – He’s always informative and makes every trip out so very interesting.  As you know we visited the spot where St. Thomas Becket was murdered on 29th December 1170 […]

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