The Dorchester Hotel, Carnaby Street, Lady Jane, Lord John, Pop, John Steven. The Who, The Mojos, Hair with Oliver Tobias…

Hello - we are Renza Rossi and Stella Deacon, and like most girls in the 1960s we kept diaries. Proper written diaries – with daily entries from 1968 through to the end of the decade, chronicling our life, the fashions, the music, the excitement – and our love affairs….Which, is just as well – because although we didn’t know it, and we certainly didn’t know each other, miles apart geographically and with totally different lifestyles, we were both in love with the same boy…How this came about, the ups and downs, the laughter, the tears, the heartbreak, and how it was resolved – all played out to a 1960s background of love and peace and rock’n’roll - is covered in the amalgamation of our diaries – which we’ve put together and called ONLY ONE WOMAN. We very much hope that they’ve whetted your appetite and you’re now longing to read the rest.

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Christmas 1968 finds Stella recovering from a life-changing operation, Renza is seething at being forgotten and Scott is cold, tired, hungry, and bewildered…

Jane is chatting with her host Linda, on the global internet show for authors, The Authors Show, about writing Only One Woman with lifelong friend and author, Christina Jones, the inspiration for their collaboration, and more. She reads from Renza's diary - June 1968 - when Renza visits Carnaby Street for the first time and sees the coolest people up close.

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I’m back on today having a good natter and a giggle about writing and Only One Woman, so do drop in. Let me know if you do. Chatting about Only One Woman, writing it with the lovely Christina Jones and how we managed to do it given we were never in the same room together, let alone the same county! I’m reading an extract from Renza’s diary where she excitedly visits Carnaby Street for the first time, with her cousin and gets to enjoy the sights, sounds and fab fashions of the late 1960s. Join Renza as she pops into POP and Lady Jane. Listen as she captures the vibe of the record stores and the music blaring from them. It’s all there in this reading and you can read lots more in Only One Woman (Headline/Accent Press) Available from Waterstones, WH Smith and most digital platforms. 56 5* reviews Amazon alone.ISBN: 97803597839ASIN: BO7RFRVL4P…/…/1783757310 ISBN: 97803597839ASIN: BO7RFRVL4P

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