My interview with is live for 24 hours EST 13th August – pop over and have a giggle with me.

My interview with is live – it went up 12.01am EST 13th August and will play for 24 hours from midnight to midnight EST and can be found in archives on the show after. Just look for my name and the book cover. Do drop in, I had such a giggle with the presenter, Linda Thompson, as we discussed the 1960s, Only One Woman, writing with the talented Christina Jones and more. We chatted about music in the 1960s and how Graham Bonnet and his hit single in 1968 – Only One Woman – came to be the title of our novel. Graham wrote the foreword for Only One Woman and tells how he met The Bee Gees and how they came to write for him and his cousin, the late Trevor Gordon (The Marbles). It is a fab read and of course, Only One Woman launched his singing career (Rainbow, Alcatraz, Michael Schenker, Blackmore and other bands). Only One Woman – an epic love story from the 20th century with lots of music, fashion, and the social change references not to mention the Moon Landings and the odd assassination and The Cold War! You’ll have ear-worms when favourite songs are mentioned and the fashions of the day will transport back with a heavy dose of nostalgia as you recall Jools Driscoll, Samantha Juste, Cathy McGowan and Twiggy, David Bailey, and all the bands of the time such […]

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