Sarcoidosis Research Benefit: Author Kim Scott is a sufferer and is fund-raising, which I am happy to support

Author Kim Scott suffers from Sarcoidosis: there isn’t a Cure. I hope you will read her story and consider contributing towards this very urgent and deserving cause. A message from Kim Scott. My name is Kim Scott & I’m an author from Maine. I have Stage 4 a-typical Pulmonary Sarcoidosis attacking my lungs. There is no cure and the treatment plans are primarily experimental. I’ve done chemo, IV therapy, injections, and massive doses of steroids. I just started the last treatment option available for me. More research is desperately needed! Proceeds from this fundraiser go to the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research. PLEASE join the Event at: 20th JUNE 2015 ALL DAY but you can visit the page now, today! Consultants from Avon, Celadon Road, in a Pikle, Jamberry Nails, Lilla Rose, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Jamberry Nails, Scentsy, Thirty-One & Tupperware are all participating. Shop their parties thru this event and up to 50% of every sale goes to the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research. Details for parties at: The online auction is on June 20th. Donations are still being accepted! Books, gift cards, products, services… Message me or email: PLEASE invite friends & family. Research is desperately needed and time is running out for so many. For more info about Sarcoidosis go to: Sarcoidosis? You Need to Know Thanks Kim, good luck. I am donating eBook copies of three anthologies of short stories I have […]

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