Windsor to Bray: Messing about on the River: Revisiting my post of 2015

I didn't fancy a lot of hassle, so I got a bus to Windsor for a day trip.

Leaving home early I hoped Windsor wouldn't be too busy with tourists at that hour, leaving me long enough to stroll around and enjoy myself before the streets thronged with occupants of our Global Village.

I know, I often have adventures on buses as many of you might know, but this time I went upstairs (double-decker buses have their uses), to escape the maddening crowd.

Being up so high afforded a fantastic view of huge country houses with their large landscaped gardens, endless green and cultivated fields, and little chocolate box villages.

The countryside on the way was beautiful, lush, and green, and with a cloudless sky overhead; not even the endless take off and landing aircraft at Heathrow (flying overhead every 30 seconds or so), was going to spoil my escape.

Not having my usual Canon camera with me - it is on the blink - I had no option but to take my phone camera.  I was uncertain as to how any photos I took might turn out.

I'll let you decide.

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