Shiver is published today – 9th October 2014. I’m so excited.  Thrilled to be published today in this FAB collection alongside so many successful authors including my life-long friend, Christina Jones, who has been so inspirational and supportive of me and my aspirations to become a writer. Thanks Chrissie without your encouragement and advice my fingers would never have seriously connected with the keyboard.  Even though we write in different genres she has often read my work when, other than my husband, no-one had ever read anything I’d written. To find we both have stories in the same collection is such fun.  We’ve shared an anthology once before but this was a complete surprise. My contribution to Shiver is The Haunting of Anne Chambers. If you’ve read and enjoyed my two short stories The Secret of Willow Cottage: The Tale of the Reluctant Bride and The Secret of Willow Cottage: The Tale of the Jilted Lover  I hope you might enjoy  The Haunting of Anne Chambers: It’s a Ghost story set in Cornwall – a tale of Privateers, Pirates and ….well, I’ll let you find out. My fellow contributors are: Andrea Frazer, Bill Kitson, Caroline Dunford, Christina Jones, and Helena Fairfax, Tricia Maw, Marie Laval, Cara Cooper and David Rogers. I know there will be something for everyone in SHIVER Available from Accent Press Ltd. ISBN: 9781783752195 There are many who have encouraged me and supported my writing, too numerous to mention – family and friends especially, who deserve my thanks.  Thank you each and every one […]

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