The Icing on the Cake…The Thrill of it All.

It is such a thrill to receive feed-back from readers. Writing is such a lonely occupation and so to know someone has actually read what you’ve written and liked it enough to comment on Social Media, and to then pop across to Amazon to leave a review with some lovely sparkly stars, and a #1 Best Seller  spot to boot: well, that is the icing on the cake. In September I signed with Accent Press Ltd and in October they published their Halloween Anthology, Shiver, in which I contributed my short story, The Haunting of Anne Chambers – a Ghost story set in Cornwall where I have spent many years working with recording artists we managed there. We used to stay with friends in the village of Paul, not far from Mousehole, and there is a wonderful old church there – Paul Church, also known as St. Pol de Leon  – which has some interesting history attached to it.  The Spanish came ashore during the Spanish Armada, did a little raping and pillaging – which accounts for so many dark-haired locals with Spanish-sounding names I guess – but perhaps we won’t go there! Anyway Inside the Church Chancel there is a plaque which inspired my story The Haunting of Anne Chambers – it reads exactly as follows: Interr’d near this place lies ye body of Captain Andrew Elton Commander of the Godfrey Gally. He was killd in an engagement with a French Privateer Off the Lands […]

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