Paperback or Kindle: a must for your holiday reading – In A Word: Murder

A great holiday read.   If you are wondering what to read whilst enjoying the freedom of a Summer Holiday,  here is one solution: In A Word: Murder A Crime Anthology featuring stories by writers from across the world set in the world of Publishing: Book Publishing, Music Publishing, Blogging, Reviewing and Editing…. A world full of danger. The Agency by Award Winning Poet and Author, Pamela Griffiths Gives readers a look at a True Crime Magazine and what happens when its senior editor is killed…. The Story by Paula K Randall A Short Story Competition becomes a life-or-death issue…. The Million Seller by Margot Kinberg The stakes are high when an up-and-coming author with a lot of earning potential decides to make a major change in his career….  A Beach Report from Myrtle Clover by Elizabeth S. Craig A holiday at the beach proves to be less than relaxing when Myrtle Clover’s newspaper reporting instincts tell her there’s trouble at the quiet seaside resort she’s visiting…. La Lotte by Sarah Ward A modern-day crime turns out to have an interesting literary connection to the past. And someone feels that justice had not been done…. The Killing of Captain Hastings by Award Winning Author,  Martin Edwards Book Blog Reviews and a Literary Festival in the North of England come together in an unexpected way…. The In-Box by Margot Kinberg Shows just how dangerous the life of a Publisher can be.  And just how much you can learn […]

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