Thrills, chills and giggles: Shiver on All Hallows Eve.

Something to snuggle up with on a cold, dark, windy night.   Perfect for Halloween. Thrills, chills and giggles too. Hide-under-the-bed stories, laugh-out-loud stories and food-for-thought stories – something for everyone. Christina Jones: Laying The Ghost Cara Cooper: Your Number’s Up Caroline Dunford: The Dark Night of Dawn Jane Risdon:  The Haunting of Anne Chambers Tricia Maw: Uncle Henry Marie Laval: Cemetery for Two Princesses Andrea Frazer: All Hallows David Rogers: Curtains Helena Fairfax: The Pumpkin Hacker Bill Kitson:  Dead Ringer I hope you Shiver right down to your timbers. Let me know, let Amazon know, and let Accent Press Ltd know what you think  I know I’d appreciate your feed-back.  

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