Ms Birdsong Investigates: inspired by Assassination with Polonium-210 and A Family Wedding: I’ve written The End.

Things rarely go as planned I’ve discovered. When they go haywire, where I am concerned anyway, they go seriously haywire.  Four years ago I started writing the first novel in what I planned to be a series of novels, an epic undertaking for me in so many ways, orginally I wanted it to be about a  former MI5 Officer, Lavinia Birdsong, and she was going to be a Miss Marple for the 21st century and I happily wrote my first story to fit this idea. But, I kept having a niggling feeling that she wasn’t fulfilling my expectations for her, yet I couldn’t put my finger on how to rectify this. Her back story was of someone who’d been working for twenty years with the dream of one day, perhaps, becoming only the second woman to take over as Director General of MI5. She aspired to be the next Stella Rimington.  However, after a failed operation with her MI6 partner, Michael Dante, Lavinia finds herself ‘voluntarily’ retired and Dante posted to Moscow. Lavinia moves to a rural village – somewhere she’d dreamed of eventually retiring to, but not quite so soon – and boredom is nearly driving her nuts. She misses her old life, the adrenaline surges and knowledge that she is doing her bit to keep Britain safe… I continued to write her story but I wasn’t happy. Then everything changed. I was going to re-write her and she’d be […]

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