Virginia Water Lake in Windsor Great Park: another ‘jolly.’ I’m posting this again to cheer myself up!

For those without a clue where Virginia Water is, here is the blurb:

The town of Virginia Water is a commuter town in Surrey, England.  It might rings some bells if I mention The Wentworth Estate and The Wentworth Club, where the first Ryder Cup was played.

It is also home to the headquarters of the PGA European Tour (pro golf) and the estate was in the headlines in 1998  when General Augusto Pinochet was kept under house arrest in one of the properties there, prior to his extradition.

The estate is situated in the Borough of Runnymede; you know the place, where the Magna Carter was signed by King John.

The town takes its name from the lake in the nearby Windsor Great Park and the lake's name was transferred from a previous stream which was probably named after the 'Virgin Queen.' Elizabeth l. 

The River Bourne provides water for the lake and it exits the lake at the eastern end after cascading

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