The Authors Show

Join me on The Authors when I am interviewed about two books I have written:

My latest interview 10th March 2020

Here is the link, click on it and go to Undercover: Crime Shorts on channel 5.

I am chatting about writing Undercover: Crime Shorts (Plaisted Publishing House Ltd), my inspiration and more.

I shall be reading from Apartment 206C – one of the stories in the collection.

You will be able to access the link on a 24-hour loop from 10th March 2020

And you can access my first ever interview here:

From August 2019 I’ve been featured every month chatting about writing Only One Woman with Christina Jones (Headline Accent) and revealing secrets of the unconventional way we wrote together.

I’m chatting about the late 1960s, fashions, bands, and so much more – all the things which inspired me (and Christina) to write about an era we are both very familiar with.

Renza’s Diary 1968: I read from Renza’s diary when she visits Carnaby Street for the very first time.

I do hope you will join me and listen in to both my interviews. I had such a blast giving them and there are lots of giggles too.

Links for The Authors Show can be found by clicking on the drop-down menu on my website.

If you drop over do let me know what you think.