The Authors Show – Only One Woman

I really enjoyed my interview on The Authors Show chatting about writing Only One Woman and being asked to read an extract from the novel which I’ve co-written with Christina Jones, and is published by Headline/Accent (Hachette).

Photo: Jane Risdon

As you will see the podcast is repeated every month so you can pop over any time the show is live, and if you miss it you can also visit archives to tune in other times.

Only One Woman is also archived on Channel 6 and is on a loop 24/7.

When it is live on Channel 6 you can go right into the podcast by clicking the live links I post on the appropriate days on my blog, Facebook, and elsewhere, or you can go to website.

Once there look for the small grey vertical bar on the left to scroll up and down to find my name. Click on my name to hear the interview.

Chatting for 15 minutes to convey a message about my writing and how Christina and I came to write the book was a challenge and with less than 2 minutes to read a piece, really focused my mind.

Photo: Jane Risdon

The questions were really interesting and I do hope you will tune in and listen and then tell me what you think. I really enjoyed it and we – my interviewer and I – had such a giggle too.

Update – the Corona Virus C-19

Lock Down is not fun and can be boring so why not tune in to my interview on The Authors Show and trip back to the late 1960s with me as I chat to Linda Thompson about all things music, fashion, food, and drink (including Vesta Curries, Fray Bentos pies and Watneys Party Seven for starters) and I’m chatting about writing with Christina Jones and you get to hear a chapter from Renza’s diary for June 1968 when she visits Carnaby Street for the first time.

Don’t forget you can read Only One Woman on a Kindle, Tablet, Phone, and in Paperback from Amazon and other digital platforms, as well as from WH Smith, Blackwells, Foyles, and Waterstones branches, and other book stores.

Photo: Jane Risdon
Check on archives Channel 6 for my podcast on and on each advertised day, monthly, when it is live on air
Graham Bonnet who wrote our foreword. Photo Graham Bonnet
Photo: Jane Risdon

Visit my Author Page on Amazon for information about me and by links for my writing.

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