The Authors Show – Only One Woman

I really enjoyed my interview on The Authors Show chatting about writing Only One Woman and being asked to read an extract from the novel co-written with Christina Jones and published by Headline/Accent
check on archives Channel 6 for my podcast on and on each advertised day, monthly, when it is live on air.

I’m back on the show on 20th February 2020 on a 24-hour loop, pop in any time to listen to my interview.

I’m back on air on the 20th February on a 24-hour loop.

I’m back on the show 23rd January 2020 on a 24-hour loop so you can pop in at any time within that time to access my interview. Click on this link and go to Only One Woman…

My interview will be repeated twice a month for 6 months and can be accessed 24-hours (on a loop) on the website.

15 minutes to convey a message about my writing and how Christina and I came to write the book was a challenge, and with less than 2 minutes to read a piece, really focuses the mind.

The questions were really interesting and I do hope you will tune in and listen and then tell me what you think. I really enjoyed it and we – my interviewer and I – had such a giggle too.

Anyway, the podcast is available to listen to anytime you wish by following the link below to channel 6. Once there look for the small grey verticle bar on the left to scroll up and down to find my name. Click on my name to hear the interview.

My first broadcast 20th August 2019
Podcast of my interview on

Repeated again on 16th September 2019
Graham Bonnet who wrote our foreword

Please leave a reply and comment - your input is really appreciated. Thanks, Jane

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