Undercover: Crime Shorts on The Authors Show

Undercover: Crime Shorts will be featured every month starting March 2020

Tune in every month to hear my interview about Undercover: Crime Shorts on theauthorsshow.com on Channel 4 where I’m chatting about my inspiration for the stories featured in my very first collection of short crime stories in one book and so much more.


Here is the link where you can access my interview 24/7 from 10th March 2020 onwards


This is my second book to be featured. Only One Woman is still podcast and you can find that in Channel 6 on the same site.


See above link for Only One Woman podcast on 24/7 loop.

Each podcast is professionally edited.

(c) Yin Johnson 2020

You can purchase Undercover: Crime Shorts from Waterstones Branches in Paperback. ISBN: 978-0-359-39783-9


And from Amazon and most digital platforms in Paperback and eBook:


You can purchase my other books from Waterstones and from Amazon etc: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Jane-Risdon/e/B00I3GJ2Y8

Channel 5 on The Authors Show from March 10th 2020

Coronavirus – C-19

Lock-down: we are all experiencing the nightmare which is Coronavirus C-19 and most likely you are becoming stir-crazy by now, so why not relieve the boredom and read a book or listen to a podcast. I have both available for you to enjoy so do please follow links to find Undercover: Crime shorts in paperback and eBook and also my Podcast for this, and for Only One Woman on Channel 6 on The Authors show.com and in paperback and for eBook.

Keep safe and well. Jane xx

Please leave a reply and comment - your input is really appreciated. Thanks, Jane

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